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aerial photo Flanders Hydraulics ResearchFor more than 80 years, Flanders Hydraulics Research (FHR) has been a centre of expertise for research and advice on hydraulic, nautical, sediment-related and hydrological topics. As a scientific institute and technical support service, we are a division of the department of Mobility and Public Works of the Government of Flanders. Flanders Hydraulics Research supports the preparation and execution of the policy of the Government of Flanders by providing comprehensive, scientifically sound knowledge, knowledge products and advice on water systems.

Besides activities on behalf of the policy domain Mobility and Public Works, Flanders Hydraulics Research develops activities for other entities within the Government of Flanders, for other domestic and foreign government services and for the private sector. Research projects for third parties are facilitated by Flanders Hydraulics Public Agency.

Flanders Hydraulics Research aims to provide knowledge, knowledge products and advice on water systems in an integrated, scientifically sound and high-quality manner. In this manner, we aim to support the policy of the Government of Flanders.Zicht op lokaal 'Palingplaat'

Flanders Hydraulics Research
Berchemlei 115
2140 Antwerp

Tel. +32 3 224 60 35

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