Quality, Health & Safety and Environment

The main objective of Flanders Hydraulics Research (FHR) is to work efficiently and effectively, delivering high quality work in a healthy work environment.

To obtain this:

  • FHR stands for quality of services, process quality and quality of output. To provide this quality, a project-based approach is implemented.
  • FHR says what it does (plans), does what it says (executes), and evaluates the process (learns).
  • The well-being of staff is an essential link. Therefore, FHR focuses on the promotion of the well-being of its employees and the environment.
  • To achieve all of its objectives, FHR manages risks and takes the necessary actions.
  • FHR meets all legal requirements and also monitors its own requirements pertaining to the execution of work.
  • To objectify its performance, FHR collects and analyses all data. These data are used for continuous improvement of the operations.