Wave flume

The test halls at Flanders Hydraulics Research include one wave flume to test the resilience of hydraulic structures.

We can digitally generate both regular (monochromatic) and irregular (spectral) wave patterns. The control software allows the generation of standard wave spectra (JONSWAP, Pierson-Moskowitz) as well as user-defined spectra (e.g. measured in situ).


We can conduct various types of research using 2D scale models:

  • stability of beaches;wave flume
  • stability of dykes and breakwaters;
  • comparative research between various types of top layer elements;
  • porosity of armourstone layers;
  • wave pressure and wave force on structures;
  • wave run-up and wave overtopping on dykes;
  • wave propagation over a specific bottom profile;
  • etc.


  • lenght: 70.00 m;golfgoot
  • width: 4.00 m;
  • height: 1.40 m.

The large wave flume is fitted with a piston type wave generator. The stroke length wave maker is 60 cm allowing for a wave height of 65 cm to be generated at a water depth of 90 cm.
The dimensions of the large wave flume allow research to be conducted on scale models with conventional scale factors between 1/25 and 1/40.

Wave flume