Documentation centre

Flanders Hydraulics Research has a reference library documentation centrewhere you can find a wealth of information on:

  • hydraulics 

  • nautical research / ship hydrodynamics 

  • hydrology 

  • morphology 

  • sedimentology 

  • sediment transport

  • eco-hydraulics 

  • hydraulic structures 

A rich collection of books, magazines, newsletters, reports, conference reports,  reprints, dissertations, multimedia, atlases and maps is at your disposal. 

The study reports of FHR itself are the core of the collection and are equally the indespensable memory of our institution. 

Practical information

The opening hours of our reference library are:

  • 10h00 - 12h30
  • 13h30 - 16h30 

We offer free access. Please contact the information manager before your visit. 

This documentation center is in the first place a reference library. You can consult and look into public information on the spot and, if needed, you can copy/scan the information. You are not allowed to borrow the material. 

We are planning to make part of our collection accessible through the internet. 

The Open FHR Archive gives free access to the digital research results of this institute. It holds reports, articles, symposium contributions, posters, presentations, etc.

Click on the image below to read more:

open FHR archive


Documentation centre
Flanders Hydraulics Research
Berchemlei 115
2140 Antwerp

Tel. +32 3 224 60 35

How to reach us?


Information manager: Steven Cerpentier