R&D Policy

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Thanks to our R&D policy new and innovative knowledge and tools are continuously created and integrated in our research toolboxes. Research infrastructure and tools are made ready for operations in compliance with state-of-the art principles and are used then for the realisation of studies and advices in four portfolio domains:

  • Harbors and waterways
  • Hydraulic structures
  • Water management
  • Ecohydraulics

The development of all components of our research infrastructure and methods and the continuous improvement of our service and operational systems are a priority in the application of our R&D policy. Partnership and collaboration are in this framework essential for the transfer and use of new knowledge originated from fundamental scientific research and for the translation of innovative ideas into functional realisations. R&D Partnership is not limited to other R&D institutions but is also possible with our clients.

New research methods and tools are also made available for our clients and partners in the framework of collaboration agreements and joint projects.